Cedric Belfrage 
      (young and old)
"Mr. Belfrage writes that he was born in London in 1904, and guarded from the facts of life at three academies and Cambridge University. He went forth into the world after two years, without a degree. He then became a press agent to a picture company at three pounds a week. He was fired. He went to New York and got a job as scenario reader with Universal Pictures. He was fired again. He then became a movie critic, which profession he kept up until 1930, when he had interviewed all the stars several times over and had been ejected from four major studios. Later, he film-criticked in England, got himself into trouble with his remarks, and the entire film industry in protest withdrew advertising from his paper. He quit dramatic reviewing for a time until the trouble blew over. He left on his round-the-world trip in January, 1934, and returned in December. He then took up business at the old stand again, reviewing for The Daily Express, and carried on until March, 1936, when "unconsciousness intervened." He was last heard of heading for Moscow, Tomsk, Omsk, and points east, in April, 1936, with his wife, the journalist Molly Castle." 
[from the book jacket of Mr. Belfrage's first book, Away From It All: An Escapologist's Notebook (Simon and Schuster, 1937), also the source of the photo on the left, above] 
So....why do I have a page devoted to Cedric Belfrage? 
Well, for starters here are three good reasons....his novels: 
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So those are the "fictional" reasons; I'll get around to posting something about the non-fictional reasons eventually.  Let's just suffice it to say that his life got a lot more interesting after the above biographical blurb was written.